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Family Run for Over 75 Years

Established in 1941 on Main Street, downtown North Little Rock, Ellis Jewelers is four generations in with an ever-expanding family of customers.


Kenneth "K.W." Ellis, a transplant from Kansas to Camp Robinson during World War II, first opened Ellis Jewelers on Main Street in downtown North Little Rock. As part of the store, he also operated a school of watch repair for teaching returning G.I.s, including his own son, Donald Ellis. Don Ellis would follow in his father's footsteps, learning to be a watchmaker, a craftsman, and a jeweler, and eventually, with the aid of his loving wife Dorothy, took on the store as their own.

Outgrowing their original location, the Ellis family moved the store to J.F.K. & McCain in 1976, and again in 1989 to the then new Lakewood Village Shopping Center where we have been ever since, thriving as the oldest retailer in the beautiful center.

Two more generations on, we are still family owned, operated, and impassioned about jewelry.

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